There are so many consulting firms - why do we need another one?

Because consulting firms typically deliver results that are either too general to be practical, or too detailed for decision making. Balanced Business Advisors has a networked business model that enables us to merge detailed industry knowledge with powerful analytical tools to deliver well-grounded, practical recommendations that are creative, industry-leading ideas for value generation.

BBA takes pride in NOT having a large employee base, but rather a broad inspired network of industry experts and program managers.

When a BBA client recently asked for a growth strategy to double revenues at a subsidiary in the Food Supplements Industry, our network delivered a team including two senior editors from a well-respected trade journal in that industry. When a client desired to strike an alliance with a major transportation company, the BBA network produced a team including a business development manager who had successfully sold to the target company for the last 2 years.

Every BBA team is composed of a cadre of industry experts, functional practitioners, and program managers… and every BBA project team delivers well-grounded strategic insight and implementation support for quickly capturing business value.